The main features of Atmosfer Card System


Cards can be set available in all centers or local only

Free to choose

Support E-Ticket or Semi E-Ticket

Easy to handle problems

Multiple backup database for ease of handling problems

Our Products

We provides application solutions for the computer and magnetic card reader for businesses in the field of family entertainment such as game centers(game arcades), amusement parks(theme parks), and also food courts.

Magnetic Card Reader

Standard CR80 cards, size 86mm x 54mm



RS 232 Controller of size : 45 x 110 x 165


RS 232 to RS 485 Level Converter

Level Converter with 4 port RS 485 of size : 45 x 110 x 165


Coin Dispenser

Coin dispenser with 3 push button option of size : 450 x 500 x 1500


Administration Program

An entire program to administer the required settings in the running of store operations


Horizon POS Program

A program that is used to sell products and also used as a means of customer service


Revolution Polling Program

A program that will communicate with all controller mounted on the machine in the game area


Our Service

With the supports of reliable R&D in designing high quality products, experienced and dedicated technicians in the field, and the customer service ready to serve at any time. Atmosfer Wisaya Integrasi will provide the best solutions to help your business

Card System

One complete solution to run the arcade games business and gain new experiences

Games Maintenance

Machine maintenance & repairment, modification redemption


Networking tools and Installation, Troubleshooting, PC Peripheral

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Feel free to contact us by phone +62 21 70999573 or email us at info@atmosfer.co.id, and also don't forget to feel our contact us form.